Our Mission.

Our mission is to empower young leaders with transformative, entrepreneurial learning frameworks that will equip them to thrive in an increasingly fast-changing world…

…with UNSTOPPABLE driving vision.

A wise man once said: “the Hero is he who confronts Chaos, and makes of her ingenious things…”

The HERO Project is first and foremost a community for humble followers of the Hero’s Journey, and a forum for students of the Three Wise Men — Joseph Campbell, M. Scott Peck, and Dr. Jordan B. Peterson.

We are developing a personal development course to help take you through the journey of transformation and create a roadmap to navigate through failure, setbacks and adversity toward success, facilitating accountability groups and support around your Mindset, Health, Wealth, and Relationships.

This learning framework will help you develop mental toughness, transform your habits, enhance your wellbeing, improve your invaluable relationships, and expand your inner power to increase your wealth, your vision, creativity, and freedom.

Come join us on the journey of personal transformation and mastery…