I like making people think differently. I write about dangerous, weird ideas here.

I live abroad, travel when I can, and try to do what I love. Learn more about that here.

I help ambitious people escape from the conventional template lifestyle here.

I co-founded my first company with friends, developed & sold it. Check it out here.

I want to do a bunch of crazy things before I die. You can read about them here.

I interview remarkable people. And I’ve been interviewed once or twice too. Watch here.

I started my own small web development & marketing business here.

I’ve helped several ridiculously cool people build their headquarters online.

I love building sites on WordPress. You can download the theme I developed here.

I curate a lot of useful tools & resources and share insider knowledge here.

I love taking photos of my travels. You can see just a few of them here.

After 25 countries, I found my favorite place in the world. Read about it here.

I give talks about being a nomadic entrepreneur. Book me for a presentation like this one.

I’ve helped plan & run a lot of cool events. Here are one or two we did in Bangkok.

I try to help make a difference when I can. Check out one of my favorite causes here.

I overshare quite frequently. Follow my ramblings on Twitter here.

I dig status updates too. You should friend me on Facebook here.

I’m impressed you read this far. Here’s a gift for you. Watch it. Trust me.

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